About simply torn

The art of Simply Torn is defined by its ability to bring smiles to the faces of all those who see it. A whimsical and childlike style, the torn edges remind us that perfection is not the most important quality in any person or object. Rather, beauty is found in our imperfections. Each card or print is a perfect gift for a parent, child, or child at heart.

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About the artist

Christa began her artistic career while studying graphic design at Missouri State University. Looking to differentiate herself from other student artists, she experimented with a variety of styles until she landed on the method of torn paper illustration. Beginning with only simple forms, the style evolved to include complex scenes to include rocket ships, animals, dancers, friendly monsters, and a variety of other fun objects. The possibilities for new compositions are only limited by Christa’s imagination.

A St. Louis native, born and raised, Christa has lived on the same street all her life. The youngest of six children, she has spent her life trying to find her own voice. From her days of drawing on the walls as a child, it was always clear that this voice would manifest itself through her artwork. Christa is forever the ‘baby’ of the family, and the Simply Torn method she pioneered captures that childlike glee.